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How to create a Free shipping bar with amount calculation on Shopify

We will see in this tutorial how to create a Free shipping bar that will calculate the amount left before free shipping! Here are the variables that you need to change in order to customize the header bar. [pastacode lang=”markup” manual=”%7B%25%20assign%20gd_text_before_price%20%3D%20%22%20Only%20%22%20%25%7D%0A%7B%25%20assign%20free_shipping%20%3D%2060%20%25%7D%0A%7B%25%20assign%20gd_text_after_price%20%3D%20%22%20to%20go%20before%20FREE%20shipping%20%22%20%25%7D%0A%7B%25%20assign%20gd_text_free_shipping%20%3D%20%22%20You%20have%20free%20shipping%20%22%20%25%7D” message=”” highlight=”” provider=”manual”/] Don’t forget to change the price...

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How to add an order tracking system on a Shopify store

We will see in this tutorial how to install a tracking system on Shopify allowing the customer to track his package. Indeed the tracking of your packages on Shopify is essential for your customers to be able to follow the status of their order in real time. In addition it...

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Is it too late to start a new Dropshipping store on Shopify

Legend has it that in dropshipping, of the 10% of successful e-merchants, only 1% really gets rich. Thus, in the midst of a health crisis, many people still wonder about the interest of creating their own Shopify store! Not to mention the fact that with millions of e-commerce sites registered...

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