Speed Ecom App
Toolbox for the Speedfly theme

Speed Ecom App is a Shopify application made exclusively for the Speedfly theme. It’s a completely FREE app that will help you do with Speedfly what no other theme allows you to do.

Push the limits of what is possible!

Thanks to Speed Ecom App, you will be able to customize your store from A to Z without needing a Page Builder! For example, you will be able to do advanced customizations by adding specific content on various areas in your product, collection, and single pages! Thus you will be able to break the limits that a classic theme can have.

Why do you need Speed Ecom App?

You will gain access to essential resources and features to go beyond what is possible in a Shopify theme with an all-in-one tool for customizing your store.


Video tutorials to learn how to use Speedfly. We provide you with 36 videos for a fast and easy learning curve!


We offer ready-to-use hacks and codes to customize your store. You will find more than 80 useful hacks and codes!


You will be able to push the limits of the theme with the page editor, the upsells management, the blog system, etc...


We provide you with a library of images optimized for eCommerce. You will find more than 40 images that you can download and use right away!


Take the template configuration of the demo that you prefer to have the same design. You can pick among 4 available templates.


Find upcoming news and info on all of the updates since the creation of Speedfly. Over 18 updates (6 per year for regular improvements).

Don't wait any longer! A few more clicks will change your experience with the Speedfly theme.

Our agency is very close to its community. Thus, Speed Ecom App is the result of work and continuous partnership with our customers. We always take into account the suggestions of the community and the feedback has been only positive! Here is what our users think about this application.

Elyes SADA
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Great application, it was a great help to me.
jean-louis Poublanc
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Hello very practical each page is unique, they are independent.
Aude Mouchel
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This is the bible of the theme, and much more. I highly recommend it!
Ink Shirt | Les Tatoueurs de Tee Shirt
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Essential application for all users of Speedecom's Speedfly theme, which by the way is the best theme for Shopify. This app allows to push the limits of the theme already so powerful, especially for the Seo, possibilities of customizations pushed to the limit, it's HUGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Speed Ecom application complements the Speedfly theme. There are functions and customization options of the theme that require the Speed Ecom app. The app also includes a lot of information and guides/tutorials to use the speedfly theme. Thanks to the Speed Ecom app it is possible to get off the classic beaten track of shopify store design and push the limits of theme customization.

You already know it! There is absolutely no reason for you not to install Speed Ecom App.

Using the Speedfly theme with the Speed Ecom App will change everything. You will have a store with a unique design, advanced customization to fulfill your every wish, and additional features in a completely FREE application!